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Royal India Restaurant

A stunning location overlooking the Cairns Esplanade lagoon and perfect for a relaxing dinner out on the town.




Al fresco, A la carte, Disabled Access, Cairns Esplanade

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(07) 4041 1008
55 The Esplanade, Cairns

What people are saying...

14 May 2014

everything is awesome
specially butter chicken i love it

28 Oct 2013

Excellent food its worth

2 Aug 2013

Wow yammmy chicken madras and garlic naan me and my partner l loved it its worth

18 Jun 2013

4 hungry adults walked away totally impressed. Meat, prawn and vege dishes all first class (meat pretty hot but that's what we wanted), plus garlic naan, pappardums, rice and a bottle of wine all for $30/ head so no complaints on value for money. Service was slick as well so despite late start made it to the Dragon concert at Vertigo on time. Contrary to expectations, the concert wasn't the highlight of the evening, the meal was!

31 May 2013

Great food, Great prices and good service (not what you expect in Cairns!)...loved it ...going back this weekend

21 Apr 2013

Ordered a home delivery and the food is fantastic, but beware - just found out menulog charged me $5 for delivery but the driver asked for $5 again! not happy

27 Jan 2013

I had the Lamb Madras (the hot version). I found the taste very much to my liking and the lamb was extremely tender. It wasn't hot enough in terms of chilli strength though but not many people like it this way so I understood their holding back.
I like some whole seeds releasing their flavours.
On the down side - the red wine was warm so we had to ask for ice cubes and then a bucket of ice. Also the table wobbled and it was sometimes hard to get service.

22 Jan 2013

This pleace is making amazing tandoori chicken and butter chicken i have tried three times all three times past 2 months same tast. Its cheper then other restuarants on the esplanade its really worth

22 Jan 2013

food excellent very authentic indian food ppl need to try nice and spicy curry go to royal india on the esplanade its worth for me at the lagoon its really good pleace

19 Oct 2012

curries are very good its one of the best butter chicken in cairns good service

11 Oct 2012

first amazing location on the esplanade joyable second food is very authentic food the best butter chicken i have had in australia third pricing reasonable price and cheap on the esplanad service was good. i saw that they do free home delivery was great service

1 Jan 2012

The curries are terrible and not constructed well... While spiced properly the spices used are whole, and plenty, so if you like to move from a whole mouth of cardimen to a whole mouth of star anise Royal India is for you...

As for me, even McDonalds over the road would have been a better vote

24 Apr 2011

I couldn't even eat half my curry because, even though we requested mild, it was really hot. We even confirmed with the waited that it was mild, but my runny nose and flaming throat said otherwise! The samosas were good, the paratha was average and quite small for $5. Another thing I didn't like was that you have to order rice separately with the curries, so it's not such good value as other Indian places. I won't go there again, but it's probably ok if you like chilli.

22 Apr 2011


After reading the reviews on this site we had high expectations.

The service was typical Cairns blah. The food was ordinary to say the least. Portion size - 9 Prawns in an entree, 6 Prawns in a main. I do not appreciate being ripped off.

Do your wallet a favour, take it elsewhere.

11 Apr 2011

Mmmmmm Beautiful.

and when we requested Indian Hot - we got it !


8 Apr 2011

Delicious northan style cusine, very friendly staff, beautiful location on lagon, food is very yummy in reasonable price, BYO but there is no corkage charges at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!wow

18 Jan 2011

Excellent food, very authentic, staff are very good also and the prices are reasonable. At the moment until they get their licence it is BYO so it is good value.

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