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A wild caffeinated concept, Caffiend is tucked away, seemingly hidden for those who are in the know, and wish to keep this little gem a sworn secret.

The cafe is arty and cultural, proudly supporting local artists and musicians, and of course, coffee fanatics. There's a large wayward wall heavily graffitied in an artistic fashion that you might find in a hidden New York art district.

If you're a budding coffee addict, you may also like to try out one of their monthly coffee appreciation courses.




Cairns CBD, Espresso Bar

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Tues-Sat 7:30 - 3pm Sunday 8 - 12pm Monday closed




(07) 4051 5522
78 Grafton St, Cairns (Shop 5, Up the Alley)
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What people are saying...

14 Jun 2011

Nice atmosphere, great coffee and interesting menu. We were there for breakfast and had their recommendation of chilli eggs -really yummy.
And it was full of locals -a great indication of quality.

Phillip Jurd
3 Jun 2011

Cairns best coffee, no question, so far in front of the rest that daylight runs second

Cairns Dining
1 Jun 2011

This is our favourite espresso bar and cafe in the Cairns CBD. If you are a lover of exceptional coffee, patron often :)

The owner, Ollie, also tried hard to create interesting food, so don't expect stock standard cafe fare here.

18 May 2011

we stumbled across this edgy, arty, atmospheric little cafe while holidaying from Sydney. everything here is made from scratch: from the jams to the chutneys, the ham off the bone. and the coffee is sublime. they've transformed a rather tired old arcade into something wonderful. well worth visiting.

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