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Indian Paradise

We're terribly sorry to report, but this venue has now closed down.





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(07) 4041 6955
Sheridan St

What people are saying...

7 Jul 2011

They have a new cook-- and therefore their food last week was fantastic!. so so yummy.. will recommend this restaurant to everyone!!-- please try it--i have tired all other indian restaurants-- this is by far the best and has the best food and service.

23 Jun 2011

Food was nice the first time and we have been served by a very nice indian girl but when we came the second time the ambiance was not good at all and the food passable. i will not go back again.

22 Jun 2011

Food was very horrible and the boss was very no nice with the persons who were coming in her restaurant

19 Mar 2011

Food was passable (similar to what you can cook at home) but there was a total lack of ambience and the service was poor. Would not consider returning.

15 Jan 2011

I being there one week ago.The food was very nice.I also tried another Indian restaurant food But Indian Paradise has a traditional Indian food. I really love that.

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