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This new restaurant is receiving rave reviews for outstanding service, and delicious food. Headed by a Brisbane import James McLean, Bellocale is a definite winner for taking a lady on a first date. James' signature pappardelle bugs is worth flying to Cairns for.




Al fresco, EFTPOS, A la carte, Licensed, Cairns CBD, Romantic

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(07) 4051 7777
62 Shields St, Cairns (Shop C)
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What people are saying...

10 Sep 2014

We dined here recently on a very busy Friday night, we had heard good things from workmates & we were very impressed!
The service was excellent, fantastic menu knowledge by the waiter. The drinks list was comprehensive, very happy.
There were so many things on the menu we wanted to try that we are going back this week & taking friends from out of town.
I normally add salt & pepper to everything but didn't need to, the food was perfectly seasoned.
The only bit I didn't enjoy was trying to make a decision from all of the delicious choices on offer, that's why we are going back.
This is our new favourite restaurant!!!! YUM!!

23 Dec 2011

Divine! This is one of my most favourite eats in the Cairns area. The owners are lovely and the staff are very friendly and professional. I cant recommend just one dish to write a review on because its all great. I enjoy my visit every time.

Tony and Angie Balsamo
23 Nov 2011

Dave, James and the team at Bellocale have never failed to deliver meals that surpass expectation.

We are faithful followers, because we are both from hospitality backgrounds and my husband a former restaurant owner/survivor. The service only ever suffers because of the Bellocale's popularity, with a full house most Friday/Thursday nights; and even then, never the ambition of staff to please.

For those with concerns for the number of Italian diners, everyone knows, if Italians are dining out and in an Italian restaurant...it must be the best!

Thanks Dave, James and the extended Bellocale family, we'll see you this Friday and at our usual spot please.

25 Apr 2011

Mostly impressed. I've got Italian in part of my family myself and was honored to see what can be done with my own cuisine. Beautiful creations from the chef that certainly knows Italian food to be able to get out of the basics and create the most delightful combinations. Like rose pavlova, bugs with tamarind, the most beautifully cooked steak and a seafood mix served with kaffir lime aioli that is to die for. As you can see I've been to James' and David's Restaurant a number of times and will certainly be back.

Congratulations for lifting the game up in Cairns!!!

9 Apr 2011

Just home from this great restaurant. I think the previous reviewer must have been very unlucky on the night he went. We had great service, the food was very good and the wine list was interesting in a good way! I think this would be a great choice for a casual night out in Cairns.

All the food we order was good.

chris forlano
23 Mar 2011

i was told about this place a while ago and went there on a friday night. They had a few people in there and obviously staff, more than i thought nescasary anyway.

We waited at least ten minutes just for our drinks to get to us,and im thinking oh no here we go. So we finally order food. You know im italian and proud of my herrritage,and actually speak and understand fluently ; this was a discrace to iitalian cusine.

I left what i had in the plate wich were supposed to be bugs.The service was mediocre so i wont be going back and will not be reccomending it at all. Sorry i hope it improves for their sake.

Oliver Wright
15 Mar 2011

Having had a number of personal recommendations that this place was fabulous, we booked seven of us in for my wife's birthday on a Saturday night at 7:30pm.

Things didn't start well when our table was outside on the street, and under a drip - but hey this is Cairns, we were flexible and picked the tables up and moved them a metre to the side.

Things then went from bad to worse, when (this is a sea-food resturant) they proceeded at 7:30 on a Saturday to tell us they had no (morton bay) bugs. As this was the only thing on the menu my wife actually fancied and the reason she had chosen this resturant for her birthday, I was on the verge of walking away, but we had guests, and after a half hour of deliberation, my wife picked the steak. Then the waiter came back and told us that the cannelloni that two of my guests had ordered had also ran out. So more re-ordering from the (now very limited) menu.

The owner David, wasn't exactly very helpful with suggesting alternatives or getting the chef to be flexible because this place was busy (and full of local italians).

When the food did come, frankly it was awesome, beautifully prepared with beautiful flavours. My wife was given her dessert (the LAST piece of tiramisu alas!) for free, but it was little consolation for a meal experience (whilst fabulous food) we didn't actually enjoy.

IF we ever go again, we will be ringing ahead and reserving the dishes we want in advance.

16 Jan 2011

The best meal I have eaten for a long long time. Great service, atmosphere and a great menu with loads to choose from. We will be back!

Lily M
15 Jan 2011

Fabulous food, excellent service. Wonderful mix of italian and seafood. Loved it - will definitely be back next time I'm in Cairns.

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