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Sushi Roll King





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(07) 4041 4064
129 Sheridan St, Cairns

What people are saying...

Andy Shin
14 Aug 2014

It has been upgarded. The flavour, service and The menu!! Try the best sushi in Cairns.

11 Mar 2014

The best Japanese cuisine in Cairns. I have experienced great food and customer service in each of your shops.

25 Jun 2011

The best sushi I've had in Cairns apart from sushi train. I was very impressed with the delicious.

Graeme bint
7 Apr 2011

Food and price is good (Although creeping up) But customer service - non existent!

No F-pos under $10 even if you have just purchased $25 of food 10 minutes earlier and happen to be a regular!

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