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Bang and Grind




Espresso Bar

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6am to 4pm




07 4051 7770
8/14 Spence St, 4870
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What people are saying...

13 Oct 2012

Good to see Cairns' unsung best barista back in town!! Welcome back manda!! U've been missed!!

Michelle Walkden
11 Oct 2012

Had a good quality cappuccino, and a lovely flaky shortbread-style biscuit.
Since this is a new cafe it was nice and quiet mid-afternoon, but I'm sure that will change.

andi ellis
22 Jan 2011

bang is a breath of fresh air in a town full of staleness. the only place in cairns for a coffee. only problem is i live at smithy and have to drive into town for one. see ya I'm heading off for one right now!

Diane Andrews
7 Aug 2009

I love the quirky atmosphere and extras like old typewriter etc. Coffee is REAL.

28 Apr 2009

FINALLY! A good coffee shop in Cairns ... on par with the best in Sydney and Melbourne!

24 Mar 2009

Loved it! Love the furniture, the atmosphere, the friendly service! They serve tea in REAL tea cups and have 20 different types of hot chocolate - what more could a girl ask for???

Marie-Lise & Lawrence
2 Mar 2009

This is the ONLY place to have your coffee in Cairns!
Amazing baristas who are totally committed to getting your coffee just the way you like it, made with passion and lurve!
Great atmosphere and very friendly staff

16 Feb 2009

This is THE best coffee in Cairns. Made with passion by someone who knows what they're doing. Great fit out too.... It's all about the coffee! Check it out! Can't imagine you'll be dissappointed.....

5 Jan 2009

Excellent service, even better coffee! This funky little coffee shop delivers the perfect caffeine boost with and emphasis on quality! The only place I have found that delivers consistantly good coffee. - I wouldnt go anywhere else!

25 Dec 2008

BANG! Cairns now has a good coffee shop!

Jon Roth
9 Sep 2008

What cairns has needed for so long. No nonsense, good coffee.

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