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Andrew Johnston of moved to Cairns a few years back from the bustling metropolis of Sydney. He's a mad keen diner, and once roamed the culinary delights of the big city with glee. Now having established himself firmly in Cairns with his wife and young children, Andrew's lifestyle is a bit more laid back, and his dining preferences certainly reflect that.

Andrew Johnston's Top 5

  1. Blue Moon Grill, Trinity Beach
  2. Golden Boat, Cairns CBD
  3. Coolums, Holloways Beach
  4. Bayleaf Balinese Restaurant, Cairns
  5. Oliver’s Australian Fine Cuisine, Cairns CBD
He concedes Oliver's is a restaurant for special events like his wife's birthday and their wedding anniversary, but all the other restaurants are child friendly. We are pleased to see Oliver's on Andrew's list, as that is our own favourite restaurant. This proves to us he does indeed have good taste. Do you agree with AJ's selections? Let us know by commenting below.
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2 Comments to “Cairns Top 5 — Andrew Johnston”

  • We went to eat at Blue Moon Grill but the seats were so unsuited to eating we left before being served. They need to have more back support.

    Instead we headed to Lime Tree Bar & Grill across the road and the food and service were amazing. It’s now our local eatery. Consistently good food and a good menu that changes regularly.

    The local artwork adds some visual interest too.

    Go check it out!

  • Wow where do I start? Oh okay
    Cairns – Hanuman absolutely the best try their restaurants in Darwin and Alice Springs, Bay Leaf an oldie but a goodie, Cafe China great yum cha
    Trinity Beach – Blue Moon Grill seats may not be much chop but the food and crew are great
    Palm Cove – Beach Almond a newie and a goodie, Bella Baci always our favourite place for celebrations with hosts Sammy and Chrissie
    Port Douglas – On the Inlet for sundowners of course and some beautiful fresh seafood, Salsa with mine host Billy for freshwater maron pasta and thai spring rolls delicious

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