Gourmet Traveller Likes Cairns Breakfasts

Gourmet Traveller magazine has published a 2 part list outlining their best breakfast choices around Australia and a couple of FNQ regions are lucky enough to be on the list. Here's the best Cairns breakfast dishes, according to Gourmet Traveller:

#3 Mud crab omelette, Nu Nu

Steamed North Queensland mud crab meat juiced up with a slick of ginger caramel and softly enveloped in a fluffy omelette, served with a tangle of watercress that’s been dressed with an ajad redolent of kaffir lime leaf, mandarin peel and coriander root. Could it get any better? But of course. At the table, they pour on a warming broth of chicken stock, white pepper and fresh ginger. Ocean views are strictly optional.

#18 French toast, baked pear and raspberry coulis, Perrotta’s at the Gallery

Sweet but not too sweet, Perotta’s crisp-edged French toast made with brioche is served with a baked half pear, a generous splodge of King Island vanilla bean yoghurt and a caramel-rich raspberry coulis. It’s a good-looking breakfast that warrants artistic praise from its Cairns Regional Gallery neighbours.
  • Have you been to Perotta's at the Gallery? We would have chosen their Carazzo Toasted Sandwich. Tell us what you have had there.

#20 Steak and potatoes, Reef House

Sometimes you just need a steak. And sometimes that time is in the morning. Chow down here on a Morganbury sirloin from the Atherton Tablelands, a grilled tomato, and buttery sautéed kipfler potatoes and garlic.
  • Have you been to Reef House Restaurant? Let us know your favourite dish on their menu.
...and if you'd like the read the whole list of best breakfast dishes from all over Australia you read part 1, and part 2. This list was originally published in the October 2010 edition of Australian Gourmet Traveller.
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