Mado Turkish Restaurant

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A new Turkish restaurant, Mado, has opened on the Cairns Esplanade adjacent to Michaelangelo's. Phone (07) 4041 1441. It appears to be related to a restaurant of the same name in Brisbane. Has anybody dined here and would care to share their comments?
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9 Comments to “Mado Turkish Restaurant”

  • yes we were fortunate enough to come across this fantastic restaurant on esplande . The moment we entered into the restaurant we felt like we are in middle east , very fantastic and very professional service and wow what a food really authentic ,absolutely delicious . we went as a group of eight people and we were lucky that we went early on friday night as the restaurant got packed after we sat and they had live entertainment belly dancing ,,its was beautifull ,,they made our night ,,definately coming back and i highly reccomend this place to every single person . you wont go wrong ,,,give them a go

  • Hi, we went twice to dine at Mado’s in Cairns with my daughter 2yrs who is a very fussy eater. I could not believe my eyes when she left no grilled fish on the plate first time; the next time she had half of a big chicken breast and plenty of rice with it. As for us we had other dishesh that were exceptional, the sauces… to die for.
    We went to other restaurants only to be very disappointed by the quality of the food and the colossal amount of oil the dishes had. No need to mention that my daughter was restless with hunger while we tried our best to eat something. Our rating is exceptional for kids and health conscious eaters.

  • My husband and I discovered Mados on it’s 2nd day of opening. The host, whose name is Aaron (hope that’s correct spelling), was well mannered, charming and politely welcoming, the waiting staff very professional, food absolutely scrumptious. We’ve continued to eat about once weekly/fortnightly at Mados and our friends agree, they just keep improving. A Cairns restaurant to be proud of. Magda

  • i like mado

  • Cant say I had the same experience, the staff are very unprofessional and the food mediocre for what you pay, wont be going back anytime soon.

  • I had dinner there last night it started off good but then went sour. We ordered the banquet for 4 the first 2 parts were good but we waited 40 mins for the third and it was dry and cold. Our desert was average the terkish delight tasting of perfume with to much rose water. And the coffee was aweful so strong and they dont offer any milk! Our waitress was lovely though but not enough to be dining there again!

  • Wanted to try it for a while… and finally did. Was a bit sceptical at first. The food was flavorsome and well presented and the staff was great!
    Love the food and atmosphere… will definitely be back for more!

  • I really have to disagree with the previous review – I have dined at Mado’s countless times and have never had a bad experience. The food is designed and freshly prepared by Turkish Chefs, the bread is made fresh on site. Friday and Saturday nights are full of atmosphere with middle eastern belly dancing and music to liven up the evening. If I am ever looking for a place to take some friends for a fantastic evening of food and entertainment, Mado’s is typically my first choice. You really must try it for yourself!

  • We love dinning in restaurants and one evening we visited Mado. The guy – waiter, probably from Turkey, at the entrance hardly spoke English but anyway we decided to have a try. We ordered our meals and I order my strong beer. He – the waiter tried to strongly convinced me to order instead of my choice, the Carlton Mid that, in his opinion was a new brand (it was Nov 2011). Because I could not understand it properly what he was saying I took his choice. The meals were tasteless, definitely it had nothing to do with Turkey. After we ate, we were completely forgotten by the staff (except the waiter it was only addition waitress). Finally I stopped the girl and asked for the bill. I did not mentions that main meals were offered with 25% discount. My bill was wrong. The discount was not deducted and also I paid for a strong beer instead for the light one as the waiter suggested. It is wasting of time to describe what happened next, but the guy could not calculate the bill properly I had to ask for it 5 times. Finally, after spending half an hour to just have my bill calculated properly we left.

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