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Nautilus Restaurant

Nautilus is a winner of many awards for excellent dining, and has appeared in travel magazines around the world. This is a high-class venue, reserved for those who want the best dining experience possible.




Visa, A la carte, Licensed, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club

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Daily: 6:30pm – 12:00am


Port Douglas


(07) 40995330
17 Murphy Street, Port Douglas

What people are saying...

21 Dec 2010

Dined at Nautilus on our last night in Pt Douglas, the food,service and atmosphere were fantastic. Our only regret was that we should have dined there earlier in our stay so we could have returned for another another yummy meal.

11 Nov 2010

Great spot great service great food. We will be back.

22 Jul 2009

hmm, not sure what happened when we went there as so many reviews were glowing but we simply didnt enjoy it.

We were made to feel akward by intimidating staff, there was a loud child screaming and running around, and worst of all the food was not good. i had a chicken dish which came as pretty much a plain chicken breast, cooked ok, and a little mousaka in a tomato but all the flavours were lost under the vinegar. my partners food was a little better but we left regretting spending time there.

We were really upset as we had heard many good things. but this seems to be a one off. just unfortunate i hope.

28 May 2007

Highly recommended.Senational food, beautiful location. The mud crab and coral trout were amazing. A little more expensive than most other restaurants in town but well and truly worth it. If you want to impress in Pt Douglas this is the place to do it. I'll be back.

Jimmy James
20 Sep 2006

This is by far the most beautiful and fantastic restaurant I went there the first time September of 1993 and have loved it I just went again in September 2006.

Nice atmosphere just beautiful. The food is fantastic and how can anyone go wrong in Port Douglas,


Greg Rush
27 Aug 2006

We dined at Nautilus Restaurant recently and enjoyed an amazing evening. The food was wonderful, excellent flavours with an excellent wine chosen from the list. Reading some of the reviews here I can definitely say that my fiance and I enjoyed our engagement in one of the best restaurants in Australia. Thankyou to the staff who were wonderful.

Greg Rush - Adelaide

S Cook
23 Aug 2006

My Partner and Myself decided to give ourselves a treat to some fine dining, the food was exquisite , and the setting is very romantic. The atmostphere was just fantastic all over. We would recommend this as it is worth the experience and the food was great. Try the Mango Daiquiri.
Service was fine and the waitress new the menu perfectly.

14 Aug 2006

Sadly, the reports of this Restaurant far outweigh our experience. Although the setting is exceptional; the food was, at best, slightly above average. It was not in the class of what the prices indicate. We chose the degustation menu to experience the Chefs range. There were too many conflicting flavours in some of the dishes and the use of salt overpowered what should have been a subtle pasta and pork dish. The dessert was ordinary. We were also kept waitng for far too long after our reservation time. I can accept 10-15 mins, but 30 mins is a bit too much - and this was compounded by the staff having to ask our name again at the 15 min mark! Not good. And when you order the degustation menu with accompanying wines, you expect the wines to actually accompany the food and not arrive as you are at the end of that particualr course. I feel that this establishment is living off its reputation and its unquestioned ambience alone - the food and service do not measure up to them.

Linda Klapcia
9 Jul 2006

We definitely don't agree with the reviews of how marvellous this place is ! Firstly you have a steep walk on a dusty path up to the restaurant and it is not covered at all apart from palm trees, Port Douglas does rain on and off during the day and night as it is tropical. Furthermore, the restaurant only has palm trees covering it until they manage the plastic sheeting when you have become more than damp !!
All that aside the restaurant itself is beautifully furnished and set out and the food of an extremely high quality, however, the time it takes for the food to arrive is ridiculous and I actually fell asleep whilst waiting for our dessert, therefore, we had coffee back at our hotel. The other thing is that the waitresses seem to treat you as if you are lucky to be in this restaurant and slink around in low cut black dresses. Would we return - NEVER !!!!

15 May 2006

WOW!!.. this is a mind blowing experience. So highly recommended it's not funny!!.. If you are looking for the right place to take someone for an extremely special occasion, this is it.. AMAZING food & service & most of all - ATMOSPHERE.. Loved it

Allison Osborne
10 Apr 2006

The epitome of romance. Unfortunately I was struck with the flu the last time I was there, but I refused to cancel the reservation because I was craving the place! Even with a fever, headache and cold sweats, I was entranced by the ambience - curvacious high backed chairs, mosquito coils, candlelight, just magic. I didn't want to leave!

arnold raggot
21 Jan 2006

whoa it simply the best, a little expensive but thats ok coz ur payin for the service of eating there not just the food. highly recommended! really! 9.97/10

Connie Dichiera
29 Jan 2004

Absolutely breathtaking venue and dinning experience, Thank you. I have dined in many establishments, and Nautilus is exceptional by far.

23 Oct 2003

If it's good enough for the President...

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