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Stratford Deli & Cafe

Good delis are hard to find in Cairns, but hidden away in the Tropical area of Stratford is a charming oasis that is the perfect place to slow down and relax. Bask in the gentle atmosphere, dine on fresh food and sip delicious coffee. The staff at Stratford Deli and Cafe are helpful and very friendly. A highly enjoyable treat.




Organic, Take Away, Delicatessen

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(07) 40551633
7 Kamerunga Road, Stratford

What people are saying...

23 Oct 2010

Best eggs benedict in Cairns! Grilled asparagus etc superb.

14 Jul 2009

Stratford Deli's food is healthy fresh food & reasonably priced. Delicious coffee with friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend the experience.

17 Jun 2006

Well worth the drive for this great selection of food, great take away option.

12 Jan 2006

This place has the most beautiful food at such great prices, a couple of coffee's for lunch, meeting with friends, we spend a couple of hours in great relaxed surrounds. Can't beat the beautiful food and the great service.

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