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Villa Romana Trattoria

Sensational location with an abundance of alfresco tables, Villa Romana is the celeb spotting restaurant of Cairns, often advertising in magazines with pictures of the latest famous faces in Cairns. Combines traditional and innovative Italian cuisine.




Al fresco, A la carte

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(07) 4051 9000
Cnr Esplanade & Aplin Sts, Cairns

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Adrian and Joelle
6 Nov 2014

Just returned from a holiday in CAIRNS have had dinner
twice at Villa Romana and on those two occasions ordered
the same meal (LINGUINI MARE MO) because it was so, so
good. Been French I will say MAGNIFIQUE ! :-)

25 May 2013

Had a great lunch last time we were there. Cant wait to go back this time round

Mick & Stephenie
4 Aug 2010

What can we say! We have been to Cairns a number of times and we don't mind spending good money on good food! The last time we were in Cairns we enjoyed the food here so much here we ate dinner and breakfast on a number of times. So when we came back to Melbourne we just had to go to their sister restaurant in Carlton, we both agreed that the food in Cairns was much better. As soon as we got back to Cairns we went straight to Villa Romana, what a big mistake that was and a big rip off, 20% discount what a joke they should tell pepole that when you get 20% off you also get 50% less food! and it was crap. If you go there for breakfast don't order their buffet, you get better egg's and bacon from Mc Donalds.
Never again Villa Romana.
And to all the staff, please go back to school and learn some manners!

18 Jun 2010

Very average food, very high prices. Lamb dish that tastes like beef although they assure me it's not All the dishes were very average. Seems like this restaurant is there just for the tourists as they only need to be ripped off once. Unfortunately for locals they will learn the first time not to bother going back.

Gemma Di tondo
26 May 2010

I have eaten at many italian resturants in Cairns and in the world but have to say this is the best by far the staff are amazing very helpfull and sooo sooo welcoming. The food is fresh and the best I have tasted. I am now a regular visitor of this resturant it is a pleasure to dine there keep up the good work.

David Murray
2 Apr 2010

I am a local who enjoys eating out 2-3 times a week. I don't get Cairns restaurants? They complain about no business yet continue to dish up basic fare for obscene prices.

There is no encouragement or loyalty shown to locals just outrageous prices for a basic and bland dining experience.

I have eaten here about 8 times over the past 12 months and each time I think it will be better. Then the food comes, the service doesn't then the bill. No more!

22 Feb 2010

I have dined here many times, always been happy with the service and excellent food! Even new years when it was booked out they managed to find us a seat and the reef and beef that was on the specials board was the best I've ever had...and I've had a few! Great position right on the nade too, good for a walk afterwards

Emma Nancarrow
23 Jan 2010

I went off Villa Romana for a while, but was told they had a new great Chef, well he is fantastic, the food is so consistent, same every time and well the food specials are to die for. Well done Villa Romana your back to the best.

28 Mar 2009

I will never dine here again.....let me explain.
After walking into into villa romana for a weekly lunch with my Dad, we settled in with some refreshments and were looking forward to our meals. Not long after our food was served, my teeth bit into something which can only be likened to a flavourless, woody sugar cane stalk .....apparently it was asparagus, albeit missing the the tasty top - which is ussually the end of the spear that is served up!!!
It gets worse....as I was getting over the asparagus, I noticed something strange across the table on my dads plate, which at first thought to be a large olive....only this olive had LEGS, and turned out to be a lightly sauteed christmas beetle!!!!!!
Upon calling over our 'friendly' waiter, he whisked the meal away, and offered Dad a new meal, though instead of apologising he took a defensive angle and tried to argue that the bug had 'probably landed in the meal' as he was bringing it to the table (???). Ok, if it were evening, still wet season, a strong gusty wind, and the thing had not been clearly drenched in dressing, and as I mentioned earlier, clearly dead by the sautee of a pan .....then MAYBE we could have believed him. Ok so after we then pointed out the asparagus this waiter actually argued (yes, again he argued, clearly a few intensive months of customer service training may benefit this waiter - and the business)...so he proceeded to explain to me the difference between fresh asparagus and asparagus in a jar!!!! (did this waiter honestly assume I have not come across the humble asparagus before?) condescending, rude and not apologetic of our ghastly experience is inexcusable!
Arrogance?? even worse. Our friendly waiter stayed clear of our table, so we paid the full bill and vowed never to return.
Maybe Villa Romana thought we were tourists, and therefore did not care??? EVEN WORSE!
disgusted local

alan And Kath Maclean
29 Nov 2007

My lovelly wife and I were engaged at Villa the staff found out
and a bottle of good quality champange was brought to to the table. We were treated like royals and given a truly memorable evening. By all of the staff. As we continued to visit the villa we were treated to a heartfull welcome from the staff we book always even if we dont we are always found a seat and table, We had our wedding reception there after we were married under the big fig tree opposite. The table spread was magnificent the food excellent the service sublime a truly happy occasion we could not thank the staff enough. For making our wedding feast a truly divine evening. I may add
we are regular patrons being local. We visit at least once a week and would not consider anywhere else. The villa is in my vview the best in town having tried some of the best ,for true
value and respect friendship there can only be one Villa.

20 Sep 2007

I've been to Villa Romana many, many times and never get tired of the food. As locals, we have the option of eating at any of the fabulous Cairns restuarants, but our family seems to always end up at Villa Romana. They cater for everyone, even families with young children. The location cannot be beaten, the staff are friendly, great wine list and the pizza is fantastic!!

Claire Wyndham
22 Jul 2007

When visiting Cairns in July 2006 we were searching for somewhere to eat and walked past this restaurant, which just oozed a great atmosphere and drew us in. The place was packed yet we still received fantastic service and the waiter was great fun. The food was the best we had experienced throughout our time in Australia and the wine was really nice! I have friends from the UK visiting Cairns this year (2007) and I have told them that they must go eat here. Wish I could go back but its a long way from the UK!

Sam & Carol
12 Jun 2007

We only got to eat at the Villa 3 times on our last holiday. We will extend our next holiday so we can eat there more often. It's worth a flight to Cairns just to eat at Villa Romana.
I can't decide which was better - the food or the service - both were excellent.

Ann-Marie Judd
23 Apr 2007

Fabulous food, Fantastic view, Amazing staff!
So amazing I fell in love with one of the staff when on holidays.
We got married 4 months later and we now live in Ireland (where I'm from) with our 8 month old baby girl.
Beat that!!!!!!!!!!!

bonny jons
8 Mar 2007

Best restaurant in Cairns... Roberto is fantastic.

18 Oct 2006

Always really yummy food!

10 Jun 2004

Great food , Great Service Oh and did i say great food. I have not stopped raving about it.

Joanne & Billy EATON
2 Jun 2004

On 20th May during a one night stay in Cairns, my 8 year old son and I dined at the Villa Romana Trattoria.
We had an absolutely fantastic evening - great food, great service, great fun.
Thank you to Roberto and the other staff who attended to us-I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone - if you only have one night in Cairns - eat here!!!!!!!!!

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