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Bellavista at the Marina

Superb location on the marina, ideal for watching the sunset with afternoon beverages. Great range of pizzas with tatsy, innovative choices all cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven. Ideal venue for group celebrations or social dining.

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19 Jan 2011

Value for money. I was sceptical about the 5 dollar pizzas, but they are not bad at all. It's certainly not a fancy gourmet place or fine dining, but it's cheap.

Sammy Taylor
21 Jun 2010

Bella's $5 Pizzas specials are my favourite. Me and my friends love hanging out on the really cool deck and sipping wine

Steve McDonald
21 Jun 2010

I recently visited Cairns and was delighted to find exceptionally priced, wholesome food at this iconic local bar and restaurant. 5 stars for food, drinks, view and the most incredibly friendly staff. I really recommend Bellavista.

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